Horse’n Around Rescue Annual Open House

Cofounded by Theresa Warrell and Steve Boice, the Horse’n Around Rescue and its equine charges enjoy the use of nearly 1400 acres set in Hereford’s Miracle Valley neighborhood. Its sloping, deep grasslands stretch eastward of the Bob Thompson Peak in the Huachuca Mountains range.

I worked with Theresa to help educate guests that as they enjoy the open house and give their love and attention to the 50+ animals, it’s good to remember that most Horse’n Around Rescue residents are victims of animal cruelty and neglect. They have been treated inhumanely, starved, neglected, abandoned, and abused. This article was meant to generally inform about the event, but also to be a bit of an education piece about eh rescue’s mission. I took photos and gathered any additional images needed from Theresa or the rescue’s social media pages. Then I wrote the article, fact-checked it, and published it on the NewsBreak and Herald Review NABUR websites.