There are myriad of Facebook Groups for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.  I’m a member of a few for women horseback riders 50 years old and older where members share their photos, talk frustrations, fears, and triumphs.

When I pitched the idea for an article about ‘women riders of a certain age’ to Stephanie Ruff, editor of the Arabian Horse Life magazine, I wagered some women were not only Arabian horse owners but were also AHA members willing to share their group experiences. I was right. After getting permission from each group administrator, I posted my article idea and met my article interviewees.

At the deadline, I delivered the fact-checked, 1500-word copy, along with several hi-res images provided by interviewees each with the needed release forms, and photo credit text.

Click on the PDF icon to read the entire piece.

Determined Women AHL 2018 issue 5






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