Here comes summer. Time to breathe in the great outdoors, shake off winter, saddle up, and find things to do with our horses, family, and friends. Luckily, in the U.S. and Canada there are the wonderful national parks systems, many of which welcome riders. If life in the outdoors as a “camper” feels too rustic, maybe a setting where you can lend a hand as a “wrangler,” or be a “dude” or, better yet, luxuriate, as a “glamper.” But where to begin?

The idea I pitched to Arabian Horse Life editor Stephanie Ruff was an informative, enjoyable, more top-of-mind read targeted to AHA members coming out of cold winter months dreaming of or seriously planning riding vacations.

Being more of a glamper myself, I enjoyed updating the mindset some may have had about dude ranches. I had learned about an Arabian horse breeding farm in Namibia in the southwest of the African continent that hosts horseback safaris. I included that as a bucket list item.

Because many readers have their own personal horses I researched what wonderful public places we have to ride in North America. The Arabian Horse Association has regions in Canada, and it’s important not to forget those members.

At the deadline, I delivered the fact-checked, 2800-word copy, along with several hi-res images provided by interviewees or the two national park services, each with the needed release forms, and photo credit text.

Click on the PDF icon to read the entire piece.

Vacation AHL 2018 issue 6






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