2020 Ferus book cover

Profile: Jean Abernethy, the woman behind Fergus the Horse

In the fall of 2019, I pitched this 1400-word article to Arabian Horse Life editor Stephanie Ruff as a profile piece.  Illustrator and storyteller Jean Abernethy and I are members of American Horse Publications (AHP), a professional organization that promotes, supports, and rewards excellence in equine media. We met at its annual conference in 2019, which made it easy to reach out to Jean, who lives just outside Toronto.

Stephanie gave me the assignment in March 2020, to appear in Arabian Horse Life‘s issue three for June/July. I contacted Jean to gauge her interest. We had just entered the initial pandemic no-travel lockdown so promoting her latest Fergus book was going to take some creative ways – this could certainly be one. We started with a number of general questions by emails, she replied to in writing, then we talked on the phone to fine-tune. I reached out to Jean’s book editor, Trafalgar Books, and to Monty Roberts, the original horse whisperer himself, whom Jean had worked with as an illustrator for one of his early publications. Both sets of reflective comments are included in the article.

I gathered photos and copyright permissions for all images and submitted all to Stephanie and AHL graphic designer Liz Billota by the deadline.

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AHL 2020 Fergus Issue 3






AHL issue 3 cover 2020Until issue 3 for June/July 2020, the award-winning Arabian Horse Life magazine was the official magazine of the Arabian Horse Association; a bi-monthly publication about Arabian horses and the people who love them. The AHA Board decided to pull the plug. This article appears in its final issue.







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